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Mike Bostock: "General Update Pattern, I"

Mike Bostock: "General Update Pattern, I" Bostock explains the different types of selection, using just text elements for a barebones example. D3 binds data to DOM nodes by setting the... »

Mike Bostock: "Margin Convention"

Mike Bostock: "Margin Convention" This article lays out a convention for specifying margins on a D3 graphic that lets you customize them per-side and then mostly ignore them in subsequent... »

Mike Bostock: "Let's Make a Bar Chart"

Mike Bostock: "Let's Make a Bar Chart" The canonical D3 tutorial, introducing selections, the method-chaining style of the D3 API, using a data join to create elements, mapping data to... »

The Gentle Art of Enterprise Code Review

Sarah Sharp, The Gentle Art of Patch Review: […] I propose a three-phase review process for maintainers: Is the idea behind the contribution sound? Is the contribution architected correctly? Is... »